Braces for Teens

braces for teens

Preferably I like to wait until all of your child's baby teeth are out. This will typically happen between 11 and 13 years of age. This is an ideal time to start if you want to try to have braces off before high school.

This is also a time when young men and young women begin to take more of an interest in their personal appearance. Oral hygiene begins to improve, patient compliance improves and it is a good time socially to be in braces.  Many of their peers are also going through this transition from "little kid" to a "young adult".

In fact, many of my patients are excited about the idea of braces and look forward to having a great smile! I have had many patients disappointed when I told them they were not quite ready for treatment. I have even had patients in tears when I told them they did not need treatment at all!

Finally, I try to instill in my teen patients a gratitude to their parents for giving them the gift of braces. It shouldn't be taken for granted since not everyone has access to orthodontic treatment. I have teenagers myself.... three at the same time! Their personal development is the most important thing.

This is more than a tooth straightening process for me. I get to know my patients individually. It is a unique opportunity to help them develop character and responsibility. I will treat your children like they are one of my own. 

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