Braces for Younger Children

braces for younger children

Sometimes it's necessary to start orthodontic treatment when there are still some baby teeth remaining. I have patients as young as seven years old! Crossbite, abnormal growth, thumb sucking, impacted teeth and social concerns are all reasons to begin some sort of early orthodontic intervention.

However, unless early treatment is truly warranted, it can be a waste of time and a waste of money. Oral hygiene concerns and patient burn out can also make early orthodontic treatment a bad idea.

If we can wait to begin, we WILL wait to begin. 80% of patients that visit my office for an early evaluation are placed in our recall program. We will monitor your child every 18 months until their baby teeth are out. That typically happens between 11 and 13 years of age. We can decide at that time if orthodontic treatment is needed. There is no fee for these early consultations. There is no charge to be placed in our recall program.

I am of the opinion that too many kids are started too early and unnecessarily. We will discuss treatment options together to determine the best timing and the best type of treatment for your child.

Here are some testimonials of patients who are glad they waited to begin orthodontic treatment.

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OR give us a call or a text @ (928) 782-7863 and we can see if your child is ready to start now or if we should wait for further growth and development.