Extractions & Impactions

extractions impactions


Most of my patients will NOT require extraction of any permanent teeth in order to complete their orthodontic case. I am very conservative when it comes to removing teeth. Unless it is completely unavoidable, we will attempt to correct your crowding without removing any teeth.

However, approximately 5-10% of my patients will require extractions in order to align their teeth in a healthy manner. If you happen to be one of those patients, don't worry; it's for the best. Without extractions your teeth may not fit in your gums and bones. Or you may look too "full" and the teeth may not fit comfortably within the lips.

We will refer you to your dentist or an oral surgeon for their removal. Once they are gone we will quickly close the spaces. No one (except us) will ever know you are missing teeth! Here are some pictures of patients that have had their permanent teeth removed for orthodontic purposes. See! Much better!


Occasionally a permanent tooth will get "stuck" and not erupt into the mouth. This is called an "impacted" tooth.

This may require a procedure to expose the tooth. Once I am able to see the exposed tooth we can attach a bracket and begin to help it erupt properly and get it in alignment.

An impacted tooth is a very common problem.

We are the only orthodontic office in Yuma that has the technology to view impactions in 3 Dimensions. This is very helpful for the surgeon and also gives me an accurate orientation to allow for a safer and quicker eruption.

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