How to be a DMD

how to be a dmd


Pueblo Elementary, Crane Middle School, Yuma High School and Arizona Western College!

These were the first steps in my education. Many of my patients are walking the same halls I walked. So cool! (Mrs. Mitchell's English class still gives me shivers).

I pursued a major in Zoology at Northern Arizona University and continued at Brigham Young University.

I also spent 6 weeks in Quantico, Virginia at Officer Candidate School in preparation for a commission in the United States Marine Corps.

After college I spent 6 additional years at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. I earned a Masters Degree in Oral Biology, a Doctorate in Dental Medicine and a Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics.

After finishing first in my class and earning honors nationally on my dental boards, I realized that with some hard work you really can do anything! Even being from “Little Old Yuma”, it's possible to make a positive contribution to the world.

I really enjoy talking to youth about their future and their goals in life. I have sponsored the "Cook Orthodontics Higher Education Scholarship" to help my patients who are pursuing education beyond High School.

I have also spoken at most of the local schools. The first question I ask is...

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I love the answers I get! I try to leave the students with this information…

"If you put your mind to it you can be whatever you want to be.”

If you are interested in becoming an Orthodontist, I would be glad to talk in more detail. Send me an email and we can discuss. Who knows? Maybe we will be partners someday!!

E-mail Dr. Cook at and he will respond personally to any questions within 24 hours.