Military in Yuma

military in yuma

Coming to Yuma? Already stationed here?

My father was stationed at MCAS Yuma many years ago and that’s how I found myself here in the desert southwest too!

I understand the concerns that our military community faces. There are a lot of patients that transfer to Yuma with braces on. We can accommodate any patient in any stage of treatment. We receive patients from North Carolina, Texas, Japan... all over the world. No problem.

We also have some of ourpatients that have to leave Yuma without completing their orthodontic treatment. The military is not always predictable. We will prorate any fees, transfer records at no charge and make sure you are received on the other end with an orthodontist that can pick up where we leave off.

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E-mail Dr. Cook at and he will respond personally to any questions within 24 hours.

OR give us a call or a text @ (928) 782-7863 and we will help you get that sweet grill you have always wanted!