Surgical Orthodontics

surgical orthodontics

Braces can align your teeth. But they cannot align your jawbones. Not much anyway. And if you are done growing, then that ship has sailed.

If your bite is significantly off, sometimes the only way to correct a true “skeletal discrepancy” is to move the bones themselves. And that means… surgery.

Now don’t panic! Gone are the days of wiring your mouth shut and sipping through a straw! And we have excellent surgeons right here in Yuma. They can do an excellent job at getting your bones to line up. We will refer you to an Oral Surgeon when the time is right to discuss the surgical questions you have.

But the first step is taking orthodontic records and getting your teeth straight with braces. We will probably spend a year or so getting things set for your surgery and you will have braces on after your surgery for a bit, to make sure things are set just right.

Private practice and being part of the Cleft Palate team have given me the chance to do a lot of surgical orthodontic cases. From simple to complex, the results have always been a great improvement. I have not had a patient that was not happy about their decision to have surgery.

You will notice her teeth were crooked, then straight, and then her bite was corrected. This advancement of her maxilla changed not just her bite but also her profile. She was nervous in the beginning too. But she had no regrets and was very pleased with her results.

Confidence in your orthodontist and oral surgeon are important. If a surgical correction is part of your orthodontic treatment plan, rest assured that you are in good hands. We will explain every step of the way and make sure you have every question answered.

E-mail Dr. Cook at and he will respond personally to any questions within 24 hours.

OR give us a call or a text @ (928) 782-7863 and we will help you get started on your path to a BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SMILE!